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Best Music CDs of 2008

Tower Recommends: Our Top 10 Favorite CDs of 2008

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Two Men With the Blues (CD) ~ Willie Nelson (Artist) and Wyn... Cover Art
Two Men With The Blues
Willie Nelson/Wynton Marsalis
Blue Note Records

In Stock
"Two Men With The Blues" is a successful sonic summit meeting between one of country music most beloved icons and a legendary Jazz performer. The result is a collection of standards that will defy your standards!
Shine (CD) ~ Estelle Cover Art

In Stock
Our pick for 2008's top honor, "Shine", unique in sound and styles, is a melting-pot of R&B, soul, reggae, jazz, house and world music. In addition to her powerful-but-mastered vocal technique, Estelle exudes R&B-star qualities and commands each lyric that emerges from her mouth. Brilliant!
All I Intended to Be (CD) ~ Emmylou Harris (Artist) Cover Art
All I Intended to Be
Emmylou Harris

In Stock
Emmylou Harris' 21st major label studio album is in a class all its own. One of Tower Record's top sellers of the year and our top Country release for 2008!
Dear Science (CD) ~ TV On The Radio (Artist) Cover Art
Dear Science
TV on the Radio

In Stock
Sometimes an album stands out as something different, but topical. TV on the Radio never cease to impress with their unique musical style, yet on "Dear Science "they totally capture the feel of what good indie pop should be. They take some interesting chances on "Dear Science," but hit all the right beats that will keep you moving, with handclaps galore!
The Bootleg Series, Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs - Rare and Unrelease ... Cover Art
Tell Tale Signs: Bootleg Series 8
Bob Dylan

In Stock
Absolute ear candy for any rock, pop or folk fan, this eigth volume from Bob Dylan's prestigous "Bootleg Series" is an amazing collection of rare Dylan recordings. Whether you consider yourself a Dylan fan or not, you cannot disregard the importance of this collection.
Santogold (CD) ~ Santogold (Artist) Cover Art

In Stock
Before becoming Santogold, Sandi White studied Cuban and West African hand-drumming and sang in a punk band. Her ecclectic tastes meld with electronic beats to form dancehall athems that have already rocked Madison Square Garden!
The Way I See It (CD) ~ Raphael Saadiq (Artist) Cover Art
Raphael Saadiq The Way I See It
Raphael Saadiq

In Stock
A tribute to Motor City soul, “The Way I See It” also features guest appearances by Jay-Z and Rocio Mendoza, bringing contemporary flair to vintage sound. 
Only By The Night (CD) ~ Kings Of Leon (Artist) Cover Art
Only by the Night
Kings of Leon

In Stock
"Only By The Night" could be mistaken for avant-indie cult heroes the Liars on a Southern vacation, as post-punk angularity, distorto-funk bass lines, and clattering percussion are processed through what sounds like the world's biggest fuzzbox. The most mature album today by one of Rock n' Roll's most exciting acts!
Tha Carter III (CD) ~ Lil Wayne (Artist) Cover Art
Tha Carter III
Lil Wayne
Cash Money

In Stock
In what was probably the most anticipated rap album of the year, Lil Wayne delivered the goods with Tha Carter III.  The tracks show diversity in his style, but each one demonstrates his huge lyrical talent and unstoppable wit.
For Emma, Forever Ago (CD) ~ Bon Iver (Artist) Cover Art
For Emma, Forever Ago
Bon Iver

In Stock
With warmly recorded acoustic guitars and double-tracked vocals, "For Emma" sounds like vintage Elliot Smith playing in the Pink Mountaintops. Vernon's voice - alone worth the sticker price - is captivating and multifaceted, as it morphs from wavering falsettos to gospel emotings sometimes within a single phrase.
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