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Hoover and Honeybunch (Paperback) ~ Kim McMahan Cover ArtKim McMahan, Jane Bissler
Jack (Paperback) ~ Marilyn Henneke Cover ArtMarilyn Henneke
Cracked Island (Hardcover) ~ Chris Kohler Cover ArtChris Kohler
Persephone's Song (Hearts and Arrows) (Paperback) ~ Solera Winters Cover ArtSolera Winters, Janice Seagraves, Jackie James
Cracked Island (Paperback) ~ Chris Kohler Cover ArtChris Kohler
When The Sun Got Stuck   A Fable for Leaders and Their Teams (Pa ... Cover ArtRichard R Russey
Pock (Paperback) ~ Jack Owens Cover ArtJack Owens
Visual Eats (Hardcover) ~ Enzo Fargione Cover ArtEnzo Fargione
A Gambler's Feast summer of 1969 (Paperback) ~ William Gerald Hamby Cover ArtWilliam Gerald Hamby
Call Him Mr. Right or Call Him a Cab (Paperback) ~ Debra Hart Cover ArtDebra Hart
Yo God! Jay's Story (Paperback) ~ June Capossela Kempf Cover ArtJune Capossela Kempf
PUFFS in: CHRISTMAS IN PUFFVILLE (Paperback) ~ Costa Joseph Cover ArtCosta Joseph, Romero Christopher
Occupant (Paperback) ~ G. J. Swenson Cover ArtG. J. Swenson
Lasso the Moon (Paperback) ~ Dick Sheffield Cover ArtDick Sheffield
Ed Rabel Reports: Lies, Wars and Other Misadventures (Hardcover) ... Cover ArtEd Rabel
Arden's Act (Paperback) ~ Elizabeth Thomas Cover ArtElizabeth Thomas
Drew Embers and the Enchanted Sword (Paperback) ~ KA Saylor Cover ArtKA Saylor
Reporting Lives (Paperback) ~ Debra Pickett Cover ArtDebra Pickett
Visible Scars (Paperback) ~ SE Campbell Cover ArtSE Campbell, Richard Turke
Reporting Lives (Hardcover) ~ Pickett Debra Cover ArtPickett Debra
The Road to God (Paperback) ~ Anthony Rhine Cover ArtAnthony Rhine
The Kind of Women Who Can Be President (Paperback) ~ Stanford Er ... Cover ArtStanford Erickson
Visual Eats (Paperback) ~ Enzo Fargione Cover ArtEnzo Fargione
Women on Fire Adventure with Flair (Paperback) ~ Carol Sumilas B ... Cover ArtCarol Sumilas Boshears
Mama's Boy Presidents: Why Do We Keep Electing Them? (Paperback) ... Cover ArtStanford Erickson
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