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  • Return of the Arcade: 20th Anniversary Edition with Ms. Pac-man (PC Games)
PC Games
Return of the Arcade: 20th Anniversary Edition with Ms. Pac-man ... Cover Art
  • Return of the Arcade: 20th Anniversary Edition with Ms. Pac-man 

  • PC Games
Current Price: $24.95
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Included Ms. Pac-Man, Pac-Man, Pole Position, Galaxian, Dig-Dug Dig-Dug, use your skill and daring to burrow your way to survival and victory in this popular and challenging game! As the heroic Dig-Dug, you have to battle Fygar the fire-breathing Dragon and escape the relentless pursuit of Pooka. You''re going to dig it! Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man. Be quick, be fearless: chomp away on the dots and avoid those four relentless ghosts level after level! One of the all-time favorite arcade games, Pac-Man will whisk you back to those good old days and get you addicted all over again, right on your PC. Pole Position. Ladies and gentlmen, start your engines! Position is a thrill a minute behind the wheel, as you challenge hot competitors on a tortuous, twisting track. It''s non-stop fun - a total crack-up you''d never want to try in your own car! Galaxian. Head for deep space and get the bugs out of it! To destroy the alien flagship and its endless stream of escort vessels, you must elude the missiles fired at you by the insect-like spacecraft. The better you do, the more threatening the swarms of invaders become. It''s a classic space-war game!
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