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  • Fallout Trilogy - 3 Pack Compilation (PC Games)
PC Games
  • Fallout Trilogy - 3 Pack Compilation 

  • PC Games
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Three Smash Hits in One Radioactive Pack! 3 Action Packed Fallout Games in 1! FALLOUT: It''s the year 2161, 84 years after a two-hour-long war that destroyed most of civilization. Mankind soldiers on, living out a hardscrabble life on the surface or holing up in great Vaults built inside caves. You''re a member of Vault 13 somewhere in Southern California, and the Vault Overseer''s got a job for you: find a replacement water purification chip within 150 days, or your home is doomed. FALLOUT 2: It''s been 80 long years since your ancestor the "Vault Dweller" trol across the wastelands. As you now search for the Garden of Eden Creation Kit to save your primititve village, touch choices and even tougher consequences await you. FALLOUT TACTICS: A departure from the character -heavy RPG of traditional Fallout games, Interplay''s Fallout Tactics is instead a squad-based tactical RPG, utilizing both turn-bases and real-time mechanics. As part of a split faction of the Brotherhood of Steal, the player controls a team that attempts to grow and expand across Fallout''s barren wastelands by recruiting outsiders to embark on combat-heavy missions. Though vastly different from other Fallout titles, Fallout Tactics is a solid and enjoyable title that fans of the series would do well to explore.
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