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  • Mariner Calc Speadsheet 

  • Mac Games
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Extended Description

Mariner Calc is spreadsheet software designed to aid users in analyzing, simulating, and forecasting numerical data. Simpler to use and absorbing far less memory than Microsoft Excel, Mariner Calc adds new options through its use of multiple layers in a single document. The software also features spreadsheets as large as 32,000 rows by 32,000 columns for analyzing large data sets, and graphics and drawing tools to enhance the appearance of your documents. You''ll also get 15 chart types, dynamic scrolling, an 80,000-plus-word dictionary, and Mac drag-and-drop functionality that offers an attractive alternative to cutting, copying, and pasting. In addition, the multiple undo feature lets you trace your last nine steps. And most importantly, Mariner Calc opens Microsoft Excel documents with ease, giving you a streamlined alternative when building spreadsheet files.
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