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Death Magnetic (CD) ~ Metallica (Artist) Cover Art
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Music / Rock & Pop /  Country Rock

Death Magnetic

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by Christopher - September 22, 2008
Its been said that Metallica sold out since their glory days of Ride the
Lightning, Master of Puppets, and Justice for All. Their past few albums (St.
Anger, the Black album, etc) have been, especially for older fans, basically
unbearable in the crowd-pleasing, lowest-common-denominator attempt to make
metal more accessible. Well with "Death Magnetic", Metallica has finally gone
back to their heavy, pounding, speed-thrash that real fans know and love.  This
album may not be a complete return to their roots, but its a solid effort to
reclaim their former glory while keeping newer fans satisfied as well. It is
definitely worth a listen, and will probably rekindle your old metallica flame.
Enjoy it.
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