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Batman Begins (Blu-Ray) ~ Christian Bale (actor) Cover Art
Customer Reviews
Video / Action & Adventure /  Action/Adventure, General

Batman Begins (Blu-ray)
Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Liam Neeson, Katie Holmes, Gary Oldman

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Latest Customer Reviews
Batman Begins
by Blu-ray fan - November 9, 2008
Film - 
Director Christopher Nolan has wisely ignored any previous cinematic
versions of Batman, and tells us the characters origin. Christian Bale is an
excellent choice for the caped crusader, and the supporting cast are also
extremely good (especially Liam Neeson). Nolan is known for his dislike of CGI,
and only uses it when there is no other way to produce the effect, as the film
features mostly stunt work, and models. Nominated for the best cinematography
oscar, and its not hard to see why - the film is visually impressive, and has an
epic feel to it.

Picture, and Sound quality -
Looks great in Hi-def,
especially the sequences in Tibet, and films finale too. Soundwise, its not much
different to the dvd version, but however is still pretty good.

Supplements -
A picture in picture feature, loads of documentaries and making of material,
and the trailer.

Overall -
Excellent film, good HD transfer, and a fine
selection of bonus material. Recommended. The Blu-ray is uncut, and not region
coded either (for importers like myself)

best batman ever
by drew - July 7, 2008
the quality of image and sound are paramount when watching this movie. Getting
this film on blu-ray is a great idea. Youll be blown away by how amazing it
looks and sounds. And besides, how can you miss out on this incredible film in
HD!!?! a must own.
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